Boat Lift Accessories: Shore Commander Power Unit

Pier Pleasure Shore Commander Boat Lift Power UnitPier Pleasure Shore Commnader Boat Lift Power Unit
Shore Commander
This boat lift drive system features industry leading direct drive technology, wireless remote convenience and dock lighting for safety.

·  2 Wireless Remotes with 3 Button Fob
·  3 Phase Motor
·  Canopy or Dock lighting for added safety
·  Drill operated system for emergency back up
·  Quick, easy installation
·  Easily installed on Pier Pleasure lifts and other manufacturer’s lifts
·  Available as 110 Volts AC or 12 Volts DC.

·  Direct drive technology eliminates weak power problems and slippage commonly found on rubber wheels, which only push against the lift wheel. With direct drive technology the hand crank is removed.
·  Wireless Control up to 100 feet
·  8 Digit Keypad with Security Code on main control box.

Quality of Workmanship
·  Full 2-year warranty
·  Smooth and quiet lift operation
·  If you are not satisfied, send it back for a replacement drive or your money back.