Features only found on Pier Pleasure Sectional Dock System

 Pier Pleasure Sectional Dock System with Corner PanelInstall multiple Pier Pleasure dock sections to create a marina for for several boats. Add Pier Pleasure lifts to complete the marina!
Marina Installation
Vinyl SurfacePier Pleasure Sectional Dock Platform with a vinyl surface
Large Deck AreaPier Pleasure Sectional Dock with a Cedar Dock surface
Cedar SurfaceCustomize your Pier Pleasure Sectional Dock System with our accessories to create a dock to fit your needs.
Dock with Optional Flagpole

Our dock systems offer many features and benefits not found on any other dock system. These unique features make them simple to install, level, and remove.Each dock section is designed to hold 60 lbs. of water in its 100% welded frame. This feature adds stability and helps to hold the dock system in place during storms, high winds, and wave action. The water is drained by removing the plugs under each section before removal in the fall.

The 4′ x 8′ sections are connected end-to-end and side-to-side by our unique inter-locking hinge. The first sections can form a ramp up or down allowing the dock system to adapt to any shoreline. If you have steps, a retaining wall, or another dock and connect our dock, the Starter Hinge will give you the start you need.

Pier Pleasure’s adjustable legs allow leveling from the top of the dock without entering the water. Each leg levels independently and there are no set screws or holes to line up. The leg adjustment carries a full lifetime warranty.Our dock legs are braced from side-to-side and front-to-back for maximum stability. There are no leg posts above the dock surface and the legs do not need to be removed. This makes installation, removal, and storage easier. It also maintains a clean appearance.

Height indicators on each leg make leveling easy and accurate. The indicators show you the distance from the top of the dock to the surface of the water.All bolts, pins, and fasteners in the dock system are stainless steel which means no corrosion, no maintenance, and long-term clean appearance.

Pier Pleasure’s design flexibility allows unlimited layout options. Additional sections can easily be added later in any location to modify your layout as your needs change.

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 Pier Pleasure Sectional Dock System with Corner Panel

Pier Pleasure Sectional Dock System allows you to add water for stability.
Pier Pleasure Sectional Dock System use interlocking connectionsPier Pleasure's adjustable dock legs make it easy to level your dock without getting wet! No special tools are needed to level your dock!Pier Pleasure's Sectional Dock System comes with adjustable dock legs to make leveling your dock faster and easier!The Adjustable Dock Leg comes with level indicators making leveling your dock quick and easy!