Boat Lift Accessories: Full-Length Vinyl V-Bunks

Features of the Full-Length Vinyl V-Bunk by Pier Pleasure:

  • Provides full support for your boat with full-length V-Bunks.
  • Adjustable both horizontally and vertically for varying boat hull designs.
  • The V-Bunk features an aluminum channel and extruded vinyl, and non-corrosive fasteners.
  • Pier Pleasure uses an aluminum channel for strength with flared ends for easy docking of your boat.
  • The aluminum brackets and channel allow you to make simple adjustments and conform the V-Bunk to any boat hull shape.
  • Pier Pleasure’s standard mounting brackets have the necessary clearance needed for the in-board shaft on ski boats.
  • The end of Pier Pleasure’s V-Bunk is curved to reduce wear points and protect the hull of your boat.