Roll-In Docks

Elevated Standards

Pier Pleasure continually strives to elevate the standards of existing and new product designs. The construction of all product lines using non-corrosive fasteners, custom aluminum shapes and other high-quality components support Pier Pleasure’s commitment to exceeding the customer’s expectations.

Taking customer’s valuable comments and using that input to always improve is a priority at Pier Pleasure. Satisfied customers are a result of maintaining elevated standards. Extra effort is given to remove sharp edges, corners and other defects. This ensures safety, maintains elevated standards and ensures your satisfaction.

Design Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

32’ roll-in dock with one set of wheels

Roll-In Sections are 4’ wide and available in 8’, 12’ and 16’ lengths

Truss-style dock section with set screw posts legs

Roll-In Dock Features and Benefits

Adaptable Inside Track System

  • Allows for simple and strong attachment of dock legs and braces.
  • Set screw posts can be added in any location for additional support.
  • Dock accessories can easily be positioned where you choose.

Removable Deck Panels

  • Makes roll-in sections lighter for installation and removal.
  • Easier to repair if damage occurs.

Top Rail is 3 5/8″ Tall

  • Protects the ends of the deck panels from damage.
  • Provides strong structural design for rigorous daily use.
  • Allows Pier Pleasure’s Sectional Dock accessories to be attached to the roll-in frame.

Stainless Steel and Brass Fasteners

  • No corroded fasteners when trying to make adjustments.
  • Maintains a clean appearance.

Lifetime Leg Screw Warranty

  • The nut for the leg screw is made from maintenance-free polyethylene (UHMW).
  • All fasteners used in the dock leg are stainless steel and brass.

Titan Surface Panels

Titan Deck was engineered so your dock will be the last thing on your mind. We know you would rather be having fun with your dock than working on your dock.

Titan Deck is made from polypropylene, a sturdy plastic, that will take everything you and Mother Nature can throw at it.  Titan Deck comes standard with aluminum stiffeners for extra reinforcement.

All Titan Deck products come with UV protections which will prevent significant fading.  Titan Deck will also handle any wild weather changes and is back with a 12 year warranty.

Truss-Style Dock

  • Gives you the highest strength and lightest weight available.
  • Open design allows large waves to flow through the dock section rather than pounding against it.

The ends of each deck panel are covered by the top rail for a clean appearance and protection against wear.


Dock layouts and photos shown on this website may not meet local and state regulations in your area.

Roll-In Dock Connections

Three connection options…Choose what’s right for you!

Pier Pleasure roll-in dock sections can be connected using any of the three connection systems:

  • Our Standard Bolt System allows you to connect your dock sections using non-corrosive bolts and nuts.
  • The Single-Stage Hook System allows you to connect sections into any desired layout without tools and provides ease of installation and removal of your dock one 8′ or 16′ section at a time.
  • The Dual-Stage Hook System gives you the ability to maneuver over uneven shorelines and remove multiple sections at the same time.

Both Hook Systems let you quickly add or remove sections without using fasteners. Disconnected sections can be moved independently to make installation and removal easy.

Standard Bolt System

Single-Stage Hook System

Dual Stage Hook System

Telescoping legs

Telescoping legs are attached to an inner rail and adjust from the dock surface making leveling your dock easy. Durable rotomolded wheels provide many years of maintenance-free use.

We invite you to take a look at our quality workmanship and design. We go the extra mile to meet or exceed your expectations. Extra effort is given to remove defects, sharp edges and corners. This ensures safety, maintains quality standards, and assures your satisfaction.

Our dock systems offer many features and benefits not found in any other dock system. These unique features make them simple to install, level, and remove. The sections are connected end-to-end and side-to-side by our own unique interlocking hinge. The first sections can form a ramp up or down allowing for formation to any shoreline terrain. For maximum stability the dock legs are braced from front-to-back and from side-to-side.We offer two deck surfaces for your roll-in dock: Western Red Cedar for a traditional and durable look and Titan Deck Surface Panels.

Titan Deck is made out of polypropylene, a sturdy plastic, that will take everything you and Mother Nature can throw at it. It comes standard with aluminum stiffeners for extra reinforcement.All Titan Deck products come with UV protection which will prevent significant fading. Titan Deck will also handle any wild Midwest weather changes and is backed with a 12 year limited warranty.