PWC Lifts by Pier Pleasure

Protect Your Investment

Pier Pleasure PWC boat lifts are built with the same quality components as our larger boat lifts. Pier Pleasure uses stainless bolts, cables and pins. There is no wood or carpet to deteriorate. Pier Pleasure’s full-length v-bunk is standard with aluminum channel and extruded vinyl, making these lifts high quality and low-maintenance.

Not your average “Mini” Lift.

  • Adjustable legs in all four corners allows the lift to be placed in deeper water along the dock.
  • 7 foot lifting height for superior wave clearance and flexibility for water fluctuation.
  • Aluminum and Vinyl V-Bunk assembly provides years of maintenance-free performance.



Pier Pleasure’s 1200# Vertical PWC lift shown with standard Full-Length Vinyl V-Bunk


1200# Cantilever PWC lift is standard with a Full-Length Vinyl V-Bunk.  Inside width is 58”.


Model AL1284 is standard without any V-Bunk.  Install your product for fishing boats, paddle boats, or other watercrafts.

Full-Length Vinyl V-Bunk is available for this lift.

Pier Pleasure’s 1200# Vertical PWC lift improved performance includes Stainless Pins and Grease Zerks.

Pier Pleasure’s 1200# Vertical PWC lift provides many years of maintenance-free use with thick Aluminum Sheaves and Stainless Cables.

Full-Length Walkway

Filling fuel or installing the watercraft cover is made easier with the full-length walkway. Can be installed on both sides. Titan vinyl planks with aluminum frame for strength. Can be installed on the 1200# vertical PWC lifts.

Full-Length Guide-On Stop

Makes loading the watercraft easy every time. Guide and stop adjust easily to your watercraft. Can be installed on the 1200# vertical lift.

Pier Pleasure’s 1200# Cantilever lifts improved performance design includes Stainless Steel Pins with Grease Zerks and Stainless Cable.

Pier Pleasure’s adjustable Vinyl V-Bunk with aluminum C-Channel and formed end provide many years of maintenance-free use.