Vertical Hydraulic Boat Lifts

“Let the power of hydraulics do the work for you with a Vertical Hydraulic Lift for your boat or pontoon.”

Quick & Quiet Operation
Press a button on your wireless remote control. Seconds later your boat is in the water and ready to go. With a reliable, rugged and extremely easy to operate Pier Pleasure Hydraulic Boat Lift you’ll never hesitate to use your boat again.All of our vertical lifts are standard with non-corrosive stainless steel bolts, stainless cable, and brass nuts, giving you many years of service while maintaining a clean appearance. Thick urethane sheaves are used to maximize cable life and to ensure lasting performance under heavy use. Our vertical lifts offer rigid diagonal V-bracing on both sides, giving uncompromised strength on demand when your boat is raised to maximum height. Our V-braced design also allows for unrestricted access to your boat from either side of the lift making it ideal for slip installations.

Features and Benefits

The hydraulic cylinder is enclosed in a beam assembly. This allows for easy installation on any Pier Pleasure Vertical Boat Lift. Stainless bolts, pins, and brass nuts are used on all lifts and accessories to provide years of reliable service. This provides for a safer and cleaner appearance…no rust or corrosion. clip_image005
Stainless pins with grease zerks are installed in all ten sheaves used on the lift. This delivers lubricant between the sheave and pin. This unique feature will allow the sheaves to turn with less friction and require less maintenance in the future.  clip_image006
The hydraulic pump, motor, and battery are enclosed in a poly box that can be locked to protect your investment. During periods of inactivity, the hydraulic hoses can be disconnected and the box stored indoors. This is especially useful during the winter months to keep the unit away from freezing temperatures. With the removable hydraulic unit, the lift is lighter for installation and removal.

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Our 12-volt system is standard with a battery switch, allowing the system power to be turned off when not in use.(Battery is not included with the system.)

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The hydraulic lift comes standard with a two-button remote for raising and lowering the lift. Additional remotes are available and are easy to program to each specific unit.  clip_image009
An optional solar panel is available for charging the battery. Solar panels are available in 5 Watt or 11 Watt panels.  clip_image010
The optional Box Rack can be used to keep the hydraulic system off the dock and out of the way. This provides a neater and cleaner appearance. It can be mounted on a post style dock, as shown, or slide onto the side of any Pier Pleasure dock.  clip_image011
The optional Box Rack is also available to mount to the canopy arm on the the boat lift.  clip_image012

Vertical Hydraulic Boat Lift Specifications

Model Lift Capacity Beam Width Lift Length Lift Weight
AL30108VH 3,000 lbs. 108 inches 108 inches 567 lbs.
AL40108VH 4,000 lbs. 108 inches 120 inches 657 lbs.
AL40114VH 4,000 lbs. 114 inches 120 inches 670 lbs.
AL50114VH 5,000 lbs. 114 inches 120 inches 678 lbs.
AL50120VH 5,000 lbs. 120 inches 120 inches 689 lbs.
AL70120VH 7,000 lbs. 120 inches 120 inches 768 lbs.
AL70132VH 7,000 lbs. 132 inches 120 inches 797 lbs.
AL80120VH 8,000 lbs. 120 inches 160 inches 850 lbs.
AL80132VH 8,000 lbs. 132 inches 160 inches 875 lbs.

3000# – 7000# Hydraulic Lifts have a Lifting Height of 48 inches.
Models AL80120VH & AL80132VH have a Lifting Height of 60 inches.

Vertical Hydraulic Pontoon Boat Lift Specifications

Model Lift Capacity Beam Width Lift Length Lift Weight
AL30114VPH 3,000 lbs. 114 inches 148 inches 664 lbs.
AL40114VPH 4,000 lbs. 114 inches 148 inches 694 lbs.
AL50120VPH 5,000 lbs. 120 inches 148 inches 735 lbs.
All of the above Hydraulic Pontoon Lifts have a Lifting Height of 60 inches.