Pier Pleasure Vertical Pontoon Lifts

Pier Pleasure Original Design Innovations Built into Every Pontoon Lift

  • A longer and wider lift frame design provides more stable support when lifting the pontoon.
  • Double V-Sides allow for easier boarding and exiting of passengers from either side.
  • Thick, Aluminum Sheaves and Stainless Pins with Grease Zerks for superior lift performance.
  • Stainless Cables provide durable and sustainable benefits.
  • Stainless Bolts and Brass Nuts to prevent corrosion and stress-free adjustments.
  • Custom Extruded Vinyl on all lift accessories for long-term performance.
  • Flared Pontoon Guide-Ons for better guidance when entering and exiting the lift.

Pier Pleasure Vertical Pontoon Lifts

AL40120VP / AL50120VP / AL60120VP

4000# Vertical Pontoon lift shown with a pair of Pontoon V-Racks.

Vertical Pontoon lifts are designed 3 feet longer than standard lifts to provide additional lifting support for your investment.  Additional lift length increases lift stability in unfavorable weather conditions.

5000# Vertical Pontoon lift is standard with AC or DC Lift Tech power unit.

6000# Vertical Pontoon lift is powered with Lift Tech Winch and Motor Unit. Choose either a 2-button pendant or remote fobs. 110 volt or 24 volts.

Vinyl Pontoon Bunks

Vinyl Pontoon Bunks are constructed with aluminum and vinyl extrusions. All lift accessories are constructed with aluminum rivets and stainless hardware to give many years of maintenance-free use. Vinyl Pontoon Bunks cradle the standard two tube pontoons and tri-toon pontoons.

Flared Pontoon Guide-Ons

Aluminum channel is formed and covered with a custom vinyl extrusion. Pier Pleasure’s flared guide-ons extend beyond the rear of the lift. This will help keep the pontoon straight as you drive into the lift.

Tri-toon Adjustable Height Pontoon Bunks

All three pontoon tubes may not be the same size. The Adjustable Height Pontoon Bunks allow the perfect fit and support every time. A single adjustable pontoon bunk is used when the middle pontoon tube is smaller than the outside tubes. The outside pontoon bunks are adjustable when the outside pontoon tubes are smaller than the middle tube.

Make Any Pier Pleasure Lift a Pontoon Lift

Pontoon Rails

Set up 3,000# – 6,000# standard boat lifts with Pontoon Rails. The formed aluminum rails are covered with maintenance-free vinyl extrusion. The rails both guide the pontoon into the lift and support it from the under deck. Add a motor stop or front stop for easy positioning of the pontoon on the lift.

PontoonRails (1)

Pontoon Centering Rack

Transform any standard lift into a pontoon lift with the heavy-duty Pontoon Centering Rack. The brackets and hardware allow the rack to be adjusted to your desired height. The rack lifts under the deck and guides the pontoon as it is driven onto the lift. The 2″ x 10″ wood boards are not included.