Pier Pleasure Section Dock Surfaces

Vinyl Surface

Wood absorbs heat, but Brock Deck planks reflect the sun’s rays—Stays cool to the touch. The Brock Deck provides excellent resistance to stains and is easy to clean. Available in tan or clay. Grooved design pattern provides a very stylish appearance, an excellent walking surface for shoes or bare feet and quick water drainage. It is slip resistant. Unlike treated wood, there are no toxic chemicals in Brock’s decking, so it’s safe for your family and pets. And it’s 100% recyclable.

Aluminum Surface
Cedar Surface

Features only found on Pier Pleasure Docks

Ideal For Limited Storage Space

Having limited space for storage can complicate storing sections. The sectional design of the Pier Pleasure system allows you to stack the frames and panels where there is limited space.

Large Platform
Step Section
Dock Ramped Down
Dock Ramped Up